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I think there are two quietest people on the Internet, one is Baiyin Gree and the other is Liao Xingyu. After getting along with him for a few years, he said a few words with Bai. He returned three times and was happy New Year. After a few words with Liao, she did not answer a sentence. I think they are all quiet, one is like a sorghum, one is like a old man, but not exactly, they are still in the fireworks, just this fireworks, there is a feeling of igniting into ashes. Although it is still a flower and grass, the flowers are just empty flowers, and there is no warmth. When I want to be quiet, I walk into their hearts and sit quietly for half a day, such as sitting quietly in the mountains. The most beautiful thing in the empty mountains is the silence. The bigger and deeper the mountains, the more empty. Those who do not have a Zen heart cannot sit for a long time. I like to be in the air, listening to the stone talking, cloud shadow talking, flowers and trees, fish, birds and beasts, telling the Zen machine. As the saying goes: "I don't speak Zen, but I don't speak Buddha." Enlightenment and incomprehension are only in one heart. There is no Zen language, no deepest affection, and my heart is worth a thousand words. For the white tone Gree, I like to come silently, without leaving a word, like a hut in the empty mountain, there is wine and tea, there is a small, a futon, only the next person. I know that it was left to me. You don't have to say hello, you don't have to be polite. Regardless of whether the owner is present or not, if you drink it, you will leave. If you leave, you will forget it, no matter whether it is rich in wine or not, it will not matter whether it is hot or cold. He has a slogan, "Let's cold, no words." Cold is hot, and no words are more words. He doesn't like to talk to people because people often don't speak people Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It was only whispered with white clouds, rocks, wildflowers and weeds. In fact, it did not say - did not say it. Falling flowers are speechless, people are as light as chrysanthemums, and he does not even have the form of chrysanthemums. It is just like falling flowers, falling quietly, but it has fallen for decades and has not yet landed. On the contrary, I like to open it enthusiastically. It has been open for a few years, but it is only half-open Wholesale Cigarettes. For example, the spring flower buds are pregnant and eager to bloom, but they cannot be fully opened. Zen is deep, and there is no Zen. Feeling deep, it is ruthless. It is ignorant to realize the extreme. I am just like a flower, just thinking about how to open, how to open beautiful, I have never thought about the silence of flowers. Because of the flowers, I don't need to think about it. What do you want to fall into the mud? - Just let it go. You are coming, I am not welcoming; you are gone, I will not stay. Just drinking tea, just drinking, just drunk, human and nature, the communication between heart and heart, does not need language. Only so quiet, the two sit, separated by tea, careless, light and appropriate, clouds rise and fall, flower blossom Xie is a season. A person is in an empty mountain and does not need a language. The deep Zen master, who has lived in the mountains for decades mokingusacigarettes.com, is not lonely. Do not argue, do not argue, ignorance. Not an indisputable, just disdain. The sky does not compete with the clouds; the earth does not compete with the water; I do not fight with others. I really like the phrase of Baiyin Gree: I don��t care about each other Marlboro Cigarettes. Understand self-understanding, self-enlightenment of love, self-love of love, self- hate of hate, do not say cause and effect, do not ask to come. Do not speak, have their own magic. What is true love? If you haven't seen you, you will forget about it, fall in love with you desperately, don't ask about age, don't ask for looks, don't ask for conditions, don't ask for names. This almost absurd love is the most pure and pure love in the world - a fairy tale world, almost myth, love in the depths of the soul. Love to the soul is speechless. If you don't need to see it, you know that love is there, you can't come or go. I don��t need to think about it, I know that love is there, I don��t want to increase it. I often watch the old man who is walking and walking, the lovers who are affectionate, the woman who is watching the child crawling on the ground Cheap Cigarettes, silent. The holy soft light in the blind man tells us what is love. The deepest and most true love, sometimes does not require language, just a heart-to-heart communication.
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